Darshan with David

David Ashworth is a world renowned spiritual teacher, author and healer. The Pine Creative team were tasked to build an ecommerce website that promoted David’s work and allowed people to easily book online healing sessions. Since Pine Creative set up David’s new website, there has been a huge increase in sign ups and awareness. Due to the nature of David’s work, the website had to serve as a central hub for booking events, online sessions, gathering newsletter data, selling items, an extensive Q&A section and a regularly updated blog feed. With an international audience, the site needed to be easily accessible and our mobile-friendly design makes it simple to create web content that adapts to all platforms.

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“Ryan has helped me in my business since 2012 on various projects. His attention to detail is excellent and dedication second to none. In more recent years he has helped me launch several major projects involving some quite technical aspects which he has handled in a highly professional manner. I can sometimes give Ryan half a brief and he seems to have the capacity of being able to fill in the rest of the blanks saving me a lot of time and effort which I can then put in to creative side of what I am trying to bring into the world.”